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      Combo Manage Industrial Switch

      Product ID:
      Product Name:
      Combo Manage Industrial Switch
      Product Info:
      8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/ Mini-GBIC Combo Managed Industrial S
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      • Discription

      Cadyce CA-MIS10 is a managed industrial switch specially designed for the networks demanding wide operating temperature range.
      Features: • 8 x 10/100 TX ports having Auto MDI/MDI-X Function
      • 2 x 10/100/1000T/SFP ports
      • Redundant Ether
      net Network
      • Managed Redundant Ring Network Recovery
      • Redundant DC Power input
      • Gigabit / Fiber uplink capability
      • W
      ide Temperature Support
      • Rugged Industrial style enclosur
      • W
      ithstand Extended Shock, Vibration, electrically noisy, harsh and humid environment.
      System Interface/Performance
      RJ-45 port supports Auto MDI/MDI-X Function
      SFP (Mini-GBIC) supports 100/1000 Dual Mode
      Push button / Hot Keys
      Back-plane (Switching Fabric): 5.6Gbps
      1Mbits Packet Buffer
      8K MAC Address Table
      Wide Operating Temperature (-400~750)
      Power Supply
      Wide-range Redundant Power Design
      Power Polarity Reverse Protect
      Port Based VLAN
      Support 802.1 Q Tag VLAN
      Port Trunk with LACP
      QoS (Quality of Service)
      Support IEEE 802.1p Class of Service,
      Per port provides 4 priority queues
      Port Base, Tag Base and Type of Service Priority
      Port Mirror: Monitor traffic in switched networks
      TX Packet only
      RX Packet only
      Both of TX and RX Packet
      Port Sercurity : MAC address entries/filter
      IP Security: IP address security management to prevent unauthorized intruder
      Support SSH and SSL function
      Login Security: IEEE802.1X/RADIUS
      Query mode for Multi Media Application
      Support multicast filter
      Provides EFT protection 3000 VDC for power line
      IP-30 Protection
      DIN Rail and Wall Mount Design
      Spanning Tree
      Support IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree
      Support IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
      X-Ring II, Dual Homing, Couple Ring Topology
      Provide redundant backup feature and the recovery time below 10ms
      Support 802.1ab LLDP function
      Bandwidth Control
      Ingress Packet Filter and Egress Rate Limit
      Broadcast/Multicast/Flooded Unicst Packet Filter Control
      System Event Log
      System Log Server/Client
      SMTP e-mail Alert
      Relay Alarm Output System Events
      8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/ Mini-GBIC Combo Managed Industrial Switch

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